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About Us





Heyat Omana Arzi or HOA (Board of Trustees for Patients Treatments with currency saving) is a Non-Governmental Organization which plays a key role as the biggest economic sector for the Iran’s Ministry of Health & Medical Education (MOHME). in the direction of providing medical asset and disposable equipment. HOA has its own specific budget.


    HOA pursues the following goals:

  1.    Providing prerequisites to treat patients domestically and eliminating the need of sending patients  abroad.
  2.    Reducing scientific and technical dependency in the field of patients' treatment.
  3.    Currencies saving in patients’ medical treatment.


    For achieving these goals, HOA operating plans are as below:

  •    Sumptuary and equipment support for various types of transplant (heart, lung, liver, kidney, and bone marrow).
  •    Sumptuary and equipment support for cochlear implants in deaf patients.
  •    Providing ICDs, pacemakers, heart valves, oxygenators and other vital disposable medical equipment for patients.
  •    Providing asset medical equipment for public hospitals and medical centers by legal forms of purchase (such as tenders)